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Friday, December 5, 2008

Stop Piracy. Why?

Piracy is stealing; it kills the industry associated with it. But it poses a greater threat, most of the pirated music and film business runs from Pakistan. Their websites as well as people earn money that belongs both legally and ethically with Indian Music and Film Industry.

But our industry is also at fault, they don’t listen to what the people are saying. Can you compete with a Free of Cost Download or a Cheap DVD by calling it illegal? No. The problem is first you yourself steal tunes, stories, etc. from somewhere else without paying royalty. Then you hide the actual cost of making the movie/album and financial sources thereof. Adding to that, you fail to understand the Demand and Supply.

Most trade analyst agree that the Film Industry now runs on the first three days. Why can’t you release the DVD or telecast it online or put it up on Movie On Demand channels of various DTH that are available on the fourth day. Plus the price of many DVDs is still prohibitive. You don’t give the customer a choice and call his actions flawed. Make the services available and people will turn to you. Nobody likes to steal, with proper awareness campaign more and more people will join in.

Similar is the case of Music Industry. The Technology has all changed but even before that people preferred Top 10 or Double albums than whole album. It is fooling yourself to say each and every album has all 8-10 songs perfect and likeable. Often there are only a couple of songs people want from your album nobody has the time or patience to analyze your album. Whatever pleases the person is in rest all is out. Coming to technology people now are keeping their songs on ipods, computers and mobile phones. The game of Tapes and CDs is gone. The Music Industry should start selling music online, that too individual song not the complete album (they can even have special offers for complete albums) at right cost. Start doing this and see people coming to you automatically.

What have they to loose. Music Albums and movies are made available for downloads the same day what do you gain from it? The person or rather country that gains from our efforts is Pakistan. THINK AGAIN !

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