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Friday, January 2, 2009

Blast Rhetoric: Guwahati Blast, Statements, Alerts and Me.

As I have talked earlier, there are a variety of Terrorist Organizations in India and it will be a fallacy to deal with only one group out of the rest. The Blasts in Guwahati, Assam yesterday lend support to my view.

The first point is that no high alert/ red alert sounded in Bhopal, security have not been tightened, police checking and patrolling have not been increased after these blasts, when this is a common practice during and after attacks and blasts in ‘mainland’ India. The view is prevalent and subscribed to by many that the extremism and separatism in North-Eastern States and Kashmir will not affect ‘mainland’ India.

The second point is the political rhetoric, ask Pakistan to shut terror camps, ask Bangladesh to shut terror camps, ask Myanmar to shut terror camps, why do our politicians try to use other countries as scapegoats, why don’t they simply accept that they are incapable of providing safety and security to the citizens. They themselves live in bunker-like houses (I call them rat-holes) and express grief and sorrow over deaths, connect the unconnected (make some allegations and controversial statements) and continue with their ‘work’. If you divert your attention to where they point, you are a fool; one must set his house in order before launching a crusade against unknown ‘terrorists’. Even if the other countries are sheltering these people how can they so easily infiltrate into our country. Can anybody answer?

The third point is Pakistani terrorists attacking Indians is understandable but an Indian leave it… an Asom killing another Asom is out of my mind. What is going on in Assam? (I don’t have sufficient knowledge about the issue.) OK they want to terrorize people, but terrorize people for what? Everybody is after sovereignty, what they will do after it is quite unclear. But even they can’t be blamed, the whole system is running on misplaced priorities, for example, southern states do better in population control and their various quotas are cut, seats to Parliament are cut and those states doing worse for their people get more and more money as Special Packages. Why will they change a system that brings packages of the order of Thousand Crores to them? Look at the north-eastern states, they have the highest literacy rates in India yet their youth have to migrate to places like Delhi to find employment, WHAT A SHAME !

Many of us have been thinking about the patterns in terrorist attacks and blasts. My guess on the issue is that this time they will either attack many cities at the same time or to tease the people and police they will blast one city each following day, so that the reality of red and high alerts is also exposed. And our recently formed NIA gets some work to do.

Till then GOOD LUCK !

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