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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Cabinet is Balanced ! (Shivraj Singh, MP's Chief Minister)

[PHOTO: Everything is balanced and under control.]

“The cabinet is balanced. It has been formed keeping in mind the regional balance and caste equations. Efforts have been made to give representation to all the regions and castes in the state,”
- Madhya Pradesh's Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. [READ FULL STORY HERE]

See I have no problems with how these politicians balance their seats and power, I have a problem with the way it has been made essential part of our polity where even a single politician may hold the government at ransom claiming to be of a particular region or caste. And they claim to work for eliminating casteism and regionalism from our polity. This will never be done, never by these people, what they will do till their deaths is to hollow and divide this country so that we are again captured by some foreign powers. Remember not a large army was needed to subvert India in the past be it the Plunderers or the Traders. It is not impossible that one day Pakistan will be ruling India.

Have people voted you for caste and regional issues Mr. Chauhan, where's the development card you were playing before elections. I have said in my article on MP's election results that your real test will be held in 2013, not in 2008. Till then balance your 'kursis', 'gaddis' and 'satta'. By the way, for your kind information, your predecessor Mr. Digvijay Singh, whom you call Mr. Bantadhaar, also tried this kind of social engineering and see where he has been exiled to, hope you learn from his mistakes too.

For all my friends I want to say see for yourself how the tone, language and vocabulary of politicians change after elections.

"This is the victory of the BJP and its government's policies specially the welfare measures taken by the ruling party for the people of the state. It is a victory of 6.5 crore people of the state," jubilant Chouhan accompanied by the party's national general secretary and state incharge Anant Kumar told reporters at his official residence." [READ FULL ARTICLE HERE]


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