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Friday, December 26, 2008

Terror-Diversity in India

(A Comment on the ongoing War On Terror in India.)

Many of us either knowingly or out of ignorance neglect the variety of terrorism in India. Like our diversity, terrorism in India is also very varied. Lets start with the question What is Terrorism. It is the use of terror for attaining some predetermined goals. The important terms here are Terror and Goals. And when we have decided to fight terrorism we must fight its all 'strains' rather than just one.

My list of terrorist organizations includes the following:

1. The Police and The Bureaucracy: I, as a common man, am very terrified by the police. I keep a hundred-hands distance from these people, I don’t fear the bureaucracy that much because [Read 5.]

2. The Politicians: This is another group that I fear a lot, because they have four hands instead of two, two their own, and one of police and the other of criminals and goons. I change my road if they are traveling on the same and make sure that I never fall in their line of sight.

3. The ‘Bahubalis’, The Mafia Dons and Criminals: The Bahulbali is a sub-category of the Politician category, they are usually found in the states of UP, Bihar and Jharkhand. But as their achievements and glory is spreading a whole new generation of such politicians is coming up in all parts of the country. The Mafia (although groups exist in each state) is most visible in Mumbai and Goa. The petty criminals have impacted my life most. I fear theft, robbery, loot, chain-snatch each day I step out of my house.

4. The former Rajas, Maharajas, Zamindars and Tallukdars: yet another category of the Politicians, they morphed into politicians after independence and abolition of privy purses, and since then they are ‘SERVING’ the nation and its people.

5. The Contractors, Agents and the Dalaals: this is the second largest category of terrorists in India, they deal in everything for a commission, be it a kid, a labour, girls/ women for prostitution , a kidney, a defence deal, share market fraud, hawala, roads, bridges, coffins, railways, arms, ammunition, drugs, religion, tax, passport, license, ration card, they deal in everything. Individually they are nothing but their collective efforts seem to be SELLING OUR COUNTRY FOR A SMALL COMMISSION.

6. The Hindutva forces: they want political power in the garb of religion, now they are terrorizing other communities after they have successfully done so they will come for us. They indirectly help in making terrorism a bigger problem as their acts and words fuel the terrorist organizations here and in Pakistan. They can’t end Terrorism because they are based on Terror.

7. The Regional forces: the Shivsena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena are the current examples, Khalistan, Kashmir, the North-eastern states, all are examples of such regional forces pulling in different directions and to disintegrate India.

8. The Imported Terrorist: the least damaging yet the most discussed and highlighted, what they do is kill a hundred or so people and die. People go crazy over them ignoring the fact that many of commuters of Mumbai Local die silently by falling from the trains or have their limbs chopped off, people travel like animals in these trains even when pages of Railway Time Tables are filled with trains to and from Bihar, they breathe poisoned-polluted air, get stuck in traffic jams, drink polluted water, get run over by drunk drivers, etc. Talking of rural India, you again can list more than a hundred problems and how they are killing our people.
These people come and show us the mirror of the dirt and loopholes we have created in our system and we get angry over them. We just want to fight them. But I am Sorry to say you can't fight them alone, you have to fight all of the above and following to really fight them.

9. The Homegrown Terrorist: when extremist people from a majority attack a minority they forget (or rather knowingly?) that extremism is also present on the other side. Some of the emotionally wounded, betrayed and frustrated retaliate and the cycle starts. Society keeps a nab on extremism by fair-play and justice, when these two go extremism comes forward.

10. The People’s fighters or the Naxals: the terrorists with leftist leanings, they are fighting for the poor and the tribals and want to bring a revolution. Currently their struggle is aimed at SEZs and corporatization of agricultural land. If anyone tries to make people aware, they quickly get rid of him, because they run a parallel government in many areas of the country, what is popularly known as The Red Corridor and they can't risk its existence.

11. The Forward Caste Groups: the Ranvir Sena and similar groups organized in the states of UP, Bihar and Jharkhand, by the landlords and forward castes to scare away naxals, they are more involved in torturing and terrorising innocent people mostly dalits. Their most damaging impact is the loss of credibility of the State and its institutions.

12. The Urban-terrorist-in-training: A new breed of terrorist, a generation born after each attack or major incident. These are people like me who have started learning and fighting all these above groups. We will be deemed terrorist by these people in the coming days, first we will be attacked so that we are taught a lesson and then we will be killed by them for not changing our ways.

13. The Dormant Citizens of India: this is the largest category of terrorists I think, when somebody hurts them they try to take revenge individually but not collectively. They sit and wait till something wrong happens to them rather than actively work to prevent it.
They silently see the oppression and the exploitation, some even contribute (behti ganga main haath dho lain), they indifferently watch the rot spread everywhere in the system. If someone wants to do something good they won’t support him, they can bear and adjust with all the failings and shortcomings of India, as a nation and We The People, as the citizens of this country by ranting and chanting BAD LUCK, NOTHING WILL CHANGE, NO ONE CAN CHANGE IT.

To conclude, It is very easy to point fingers at Pakistan, because by doing so we can rid ourselves of the real issues and the real WAR ON TERROR that needs to be fought in our country. If we are to really fight Terrorism, we must fight it in entirety not focusing on one aspect of it while closing our eyes on all others. Those who came and killed have nothing to do with the reasons behind the attack. (it can be anything, a conspiracy of ISI and Pakistan, a conspiracy of CIA and America, a conspiracy of China with Pakistan, a conspiracy of our government to divert attention from all other issues, a conspiracy of BJP for Lok Sabha Elections, anything. I should write about it in detail.)

Remember the biggest terrorist attack in world's history was not on the TWIN TOWERS but on the cities of HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI.

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