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Thursday, December 11, 2008



People got more angry with Pakistan’s U-turn on the terror issue, the attitude is reflected everywhere be it newspapers, TV, weblogs or face to face interaction. Many of us feel that Pakistan needs to be taught a lesson and the best way to do it is to go on a WAR with Pakistan. As I have said earlier, I don’t support the view of a war with Pakistan; I want to say it again in the light of new evidences and findings that have emerged.

We can now take a strong stand diplomatically on Pakistan and its policy of dealing with terrorism. However seeing the reactions of both Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister we can say that Pakistan is very reluctant to act on terrorist groups and their leaders.

Let us try to understand the situation once again. Pakistan’s reluctance not only signifies that they are supporters of terrorism but it also shows us the power of the terror outfits and the influence they have over their government. In such case think of the level of planning they might have done in case India attacks them, we are vulnerable from North (via Nepal), East (via Bangladesh) and West (via Maharashtra and Gujarat). Think of all the terrorists and the materials (read RDX, AK-47s, IEDs, etc.) that might have already been smuggled into the country through these routes. Just imagine we send our troops there and a war starts inside all our major cities.

I want to talk about the influence of the terrorist groups over the Pakistani government in detail because we can understand the phenomenon easily by looking into our own system. If you noticed it, the Patna High Court yesterday reduced the statement of the ’bahubali-neta’ gangster/member of mafia Anand Mohan from death penalty to life sentence. He murdered an upright District Magistrate in broad daylight along with some of his followers. We all know the condition of our jails especially that of Bihar (watch Prakash Jha’s Apaharan) and they way they operate. With this life sentence at hand, he would sit in the safe havens of jail and carry out his illegal/mafia activities. And following the Bihar Model of Power Sharing, his wife will contest an assembly/ Lok Sabha election, come to our legislature, make (or break) the laws and we would all sit and watch.

Isn’t our system more oriented to save the criminals, think of all the Syed Sahabuddins, Pappu Yadavs, Arun Gavalis, Mukhtar Ansaris, Anand Mohans, whose place is at the gallows but are sitting in our Vidhan Sabhas and Sansad Bhawan, deciding the future of our country, its people like you and me. If our great country with democratic ethos, independent judiciary and well functioning elected government can’t punish such elements can we blame a defunct state like Pakistan to act strongly on terrorist groups? They are the power centers be it India be it Pakistan, and government fears (and thus respects) them and tries with all its strength to protect them.

I too want a WAR with Pakistan but only when we have set our house in right order through comprehensive reforms, any hasty step could have serious repercussions for our future leave apart the humiliation in front of the whole world.

A dialog of Rajkumar comes to my mind ‘Jaani, Jinke khud ke ghar seeshe ke hon vo doosron ke gharon par patthar nahi fenka karte. . .’

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