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Thursday, December 25, 2008

More thinking on Communism, Capitalism and Corruption



Buddy don’t get so charged up. No ideology is inherently bad, what people do with it make it good or bad. You say that Communists are corrupt, I don’t agree. I want to give two examples.

The first example is from our country, you might know about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the Union Carbide and now the Dow Chemicals don’t want to own the responsibility of the Gas Disaster. Both are from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Our governments were also at fault but the issue could have been handled ethically by these companies. So, even though Capitalism brings money, power, development and innovation, it does not guarantee ethical behaviour and a greed and pollution-free world.

Coming over to more contemporary issues, What US is doing right now by granting bailout packages to its companies through taxpayers' money, it is following the SOCIALIST ideology. If it were true MARKET ECONOMY it would not have done that and let the (knowingly) erring CEOs kicked out of the system and allowed the economy to repair itself. Don’t you think this will also increase government’s interference in the US economy and this will provide role model to all other countries of the world. (remember package announced a few days back)

CORRUPTION exists everywhere and in many forms, the extent of it in a country makes it a problem or not. It is not that Communists are Corrupt and Capitalists are not. A CORRUPT PERSON HAS NO IDEOLOGY APART FROM GREED AND SELFISHNESS.

Adding to that I want to say that if somebody is not forcing an ideology on you, you must also do the same and uphold the real values of Democracy.

As for the reforms agenda of our country, I think we have tried to find the solutions for our problems all over the world for these sixty-seventy years, copied something from here, something from there, it's high time we introspect and devise new and local solutions and ideas too, rather than just following ('copying') other's examples.



Latent Dissent.

[THE ORIGINAL COMMENT -Posted By Anshuman Arun On 24-12-2008

The United States is an economic powerhouse of the world because it doesn't have CORRUPT COMMUNISTS here. Similarly, India can be the most powerful nation on the earth if we can push a joint effort to scare away all the communists from India.]


  1. Please don't get me wrong,I have my full support and solidarity for the victims of the gas tragedy.
    As far as the responsibility for the incident goes, it is the insurance companies that will take most of the responsibility. There is an urgent need for Insurance Reforms in India. If the victims had adequate insurance, their families would not have to go though this, and suffer so much as they have suffered in the past 25 years.

  2. My friend, Latent Dissent. You have made some good points on you your blog and you are right in saying that Corrupts don’t have any ideology. I only wanted to point out the mistakes India made between 1947 to 1991 by following a Socialist Path. Today India would have been the World’s 2nd Largest economy, had it followed the capitalist path right from 1947.
    Do you remember how fiercely Communist parties of India opposed the wave of Computerization that started in late late 80s and early 90s? They used to say that if the Computers started working for the companies, it will leave many people unemployed. Today, we all know that just the opposite has happened. Similarly you can take the case of the Nuclear Deal. I can’t emphasize this enough.

  3. Anshuman,
    Thanks buddy for responding.
    Yes I agree we must have massive reforms in our country to make it a superpower, that's why we all have joined Jago or are supporting its mission. (But even if we have a strong State I think that an individual should voluntarily take his responsibilities and duties rather than being forced by the state to do so.)
    As the moderator on Jago website said we need people like you in great numbers to make this mission possible. Keep it going,
    All The Best Buddy,
    Latent Dissent.


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