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Saturday, December 13, 2008


It is believed that market is the best judge of people’s behaviour, as it understands the demand and supply pattern as also its survival rests on being dynamic and organic. Government institutions are considered defunct in this sense. And with time this sense is generalized to the system as a whole.

What we have not realized till now is that the basic framework of any society rests on its polity. The politicians decide the laws that govern the country, they lead the government and the country, and they control the armed forces, the police, the administration and above all the public exchequer. As we know the public exchequer is made from the taxes we all pay. The State acts as the judge between disputes, as the referee to ensure fair-play in the business.

If we leave politics for criminals and people of weak integrity and morals, the whole cycle gets oriented to serve the self-interests of these people who are aided by agents of all sorts and their counterparts in bureaucracy and business. The purpose of State, Democracy and Laws is defeated. See even after the Mumbai Attacks no party has a clearly drawn policy for terrorism, BJP wants POTA but how will they stop its abuse is not answered, all others are taking strong measures, what are these no one knows, Tell me if you have cracks in your house’s walls will you plaster it or whitewash it?

If good people stop entering politics, how will we see good politics and politicians, law and lawyers, policies and administrators, businesses and developed India? How can we strive for our own future when our collective future is at stake? We need to talk to our family members, friends and people at large about these issues.

The wave generated by the Mumbai Terror Attack is receding already when it needed to be turned into a Tsunami. Pakistan has slapped us in the face not once but many times that too in front the whole world. Then too our response to this is at best in the category of lax and don’t care. This is because people in power know that we have a habit of forgetting and ignoring their mistakes. This has to be changed.

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