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Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am an ordinary man like who felt enough is enough after the Mumbai Terror Attacks, thought of working to clean the dirt in our country and its systems. I felt that in Democracy Politics is the thing that controls and is capable of making far reaching changes.

For this I thought of forming a new political party with like minded people, I searched the net to know whether someone has already initiated the mission of rebuilding our nation, I came to know about Jago Party, became an active member that very moment. I didn’t want to dissipate my anger to different places and disrespect myself. I didn’t want to fight battles on TV but a war in reality, once and for all.

This is the context where my real identity subsided and I became Latent Dissent, how and why I came to this decision read ahead

If I tell you that I am from Bhopal, am 25 years old and support liberalism you would focus on my words and ideas, but if I add to that my name you would consider my views in the context of my religion and caste, adding occupation would further complicate the picture, I want to talk to you on the condition of our country not myself, that’s the first reason.

The second reason is that, the moment you talk of joining politics to make a change, people start imagining you as a selfish person who wants to fulfill his personal ambitions through politics, there is nothing wrong in the attitude, even I am skeptic of anyone who shows such inclinations, the reason is we have been cheated emotionally so many times by our politicians that we don’t want any further responsibilities of creating yet another scoundrel.

I further accept that I am no expert in the field, but my intentions are very clear on the issue, much better than many experts of this field. I want to change my country for good, I am doing, I am trying my best, THE TURN IS YOURS !



  1. I am a 20 year engineering student from ALLAHABAD.
    I believe in every word that has been written above. Truly speaking enough is enough. We were servants of the BRITISH for some 200 years and now are ruled by the selfish, disgusting and money minded leaders who themselves don't know where to take the country. I mean seriously these guys who have some years left in their lives are ruling and we the youth hate politics for being a dirty war arena. May be its time for us to show that we the SONS of INDIA are capable of doing the same for the NATION as the MARTYRS of freedom struggle did. Let me ask u all a simple question, a very simple question : Where is our MOTHERLAND lost after INDEPENDENCE?? Did BHAGAT SINGH, AZAD. GANDHI, NEHRU, BOSE and all ever dreamt of this country where nothing other than CHEAP POLITICS, CORRUPTION, CASTEISM and all dominate the 1 BILLION!!!! I think THE TIME HAS ARRIVED for us to show and CHANGE the nation. Come be a part.

    Thank you for commenting.
    There is nothing more I can say to you as you have felt the emotion I have felt, understood what I wanted to say.
    I wouldn't request you to work hard to change the situation as your words suggest that you are fed up with this system, you will automatically work for it.
    Please inform me too about your efforts towards our great national cause.
    Latent Dissent.


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