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Friday, December 5, 2008

SMSing and Candle Vigils are good only for TV cameras. Why?

As the candle will burn out, so will your patience. Your whole effort and emotion will get wasted without making any worthwhile change in the polity. For TV channels too, some other issue will crop up. Kindly note that I was myself in front row to sms my views but this time I thought of becoming active, taking things in my hand.

To make a dent in politicians’ contempt of citizens (along with the bureaucrats’/policemen’s arrogance) we have to hit at their weakest point POLITICS. Join Politics, take active interest in it or be prepared for worst.

I want give a simple example: everyone wishes to build a house for himself, the property is registered, so government is the one you will turn to in case of a dispute, what if the records don’t name you as owner. (From the hindi movie Khosla Ka Ghosla). Your money is of no use in a FAILED STATE.

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