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Friday, December 5, 2008


We all know that India submitted a list of 20 most wanted criminals and terrorists to Pakistan which was rejected by Pakistan, with excuse of executing these criminals in PAKI courts. What we all don’t know is what went behind the closed doors of diplomatic affairs. Here is a part of the meetings.

Indian High-Commissioner to Pakistan (HCP): Good Evening, Sir.

ZARDARI: Oh, Hello! Well I am sorry to inform you that your list cannot be executed by us.

HCP: May I know the reasons.

ZARDARI: (becomes angry) You people haven’t done your homework and you come seeking our help. You don’t even know about our country, our people but you don’t seem to know much about me.

HCP: (confused) I still don’t get your point. Sir.

ZARDARI: We have problem with the number of people India has sought.

HCP: So we must increase or decrease the number of people?

ZARDARI: What is this? I have never been humiliated like this in my entire life. You are HCP and you don’t know my lucky number?

HCP: Sorry Sir.

ZARDARI: Take this down in writing so that you can use it in future. My lucky number is 10 (TEN). I am the baap of all the Das-nambaris in the world. People in Pakistan address me as Mr. Ten Percent with love. Got it!

HCP: Yes. S. . . .

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