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Friday, December 5, 2008

I am child of a corrupt person. Now what?

With corruption a way of life now, a non existing issue now, we all a part of this great ‘Chakki’ (grinder). I find the concept of Karma useful here.

You are responsible for your acts and not others’. Hindu mythology has a number of stories that deal with the issue. A solution was seen recently seen in the movie Rang De Basanti. Nobody is asking you to kill your parents, but try not to use the money or try to do some good work with it rather than conspicuously consuming it on yourself. Try to explain to them that you don’t need that much money.

Also remember they have lived their lives based on their principles, we can never understand the conditions they grew with. But we are responsible for our future and the coming generations, do you want your child ponder over this question, ASK AGAIN.

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