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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Should we start a Project Black Cat on the lines of Project Tiger?

(On NSG & CISF Commandos.)

Well I am talking about the NSG (National Security Guard) Commandos, popularly known as Black Cat Commandos. The NSG was setup specifically for Anti-Terror and Anti-Hijack Operations. But (I think) as a hijack or a terrorist attack is a rare event slowly they were deployed as bodyguards of the politicians. Taking a cue from this all those who had the right approach and influence started keeping either commandos or police or even homeguard jawans as bodyguards and escorts. Security became Status Symbol and the work to convert Cats into Dogs begins.

It should not come as a surprise that a particular commando is guarding a particular politician for a very long time. However even under the garb of Status Symbol what politicians can’t risk is their lives, having learnt the lesson from Indira Gandhi’s Assassination. They might have ‘befriended’ a couple of commandos and thus can’t let them go easily. (I have noticed the security personnel serve tea/water to Uma Bharti, carry files and bags of Sonia Gandhi, open doors of car for Mayawati, etc. am I a Sexist, I don't think so) This is in context of the news article, No takers for Israel-trained CISF commandos, CISF men guard our Space Centers, Atomic Power Plants, Airports, etc. but the politicians won’t trust them with their lives. (What if one commando sees their corrupt life and decides to end it, this I imagine, why waste your life saving a rat that is eating into country’s resources.)

Now what should we do to free the NSG commandos from these politicians, start a Project Black Cat on the lines of Project Tiger, for the politicians won’t let go the commandos so easily. You might think why so much fuss about a hundred commandos so kindly glance through the following data: (or read the complete article here.)

1. The NSG has two wings - the Special Action Group (SAG) the Special Rangers Group (SRG), comprising select men from various forces. More than half of SRG personnel are deployed for VIP security.

2. There are around 400 guarded VIPs in the national capital alone. Around 15,000 Delhi Police personnel out of its strength of 60,000 guard the VIPs, who include ministers, politicians, bureaucrats, judges, religious leaders, lawyers and a few journalists.

3. This (1 and 2) is in addition to the Special Protection Group (SPG) that is exclusively meant for providing security to the prime minister, former prime ministers and members of the Gandhi family.

4. Over 45,000 policemen guard over 13,000 VIPs across the country.

5. There is an estimate that approximately Rs.6 billion of taxpayers' money is spent annually on the salary of the security staff involved in such duties.

Hope that you get the idea of the ‘GOLMAAL’ going inside our country. Who are they afraid of, us, or their rivals, who are rats like them, goons and criminals, why would anybody kill his god, or are they afraid of themselves, their own deeds, so as to deviate from reality by creating a world of their own where they can say, do and justify all their acts, a stage where they write the story, where they are the actors and where they are the audience.

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