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Monday, December 8, 2008


For the past few days we have seen a spurt in the warnings issued by the Intelligence Agencies. Terrorists have formed sleeper cells, they will attack Red Fort, they will attack Gujarat, they will attack Jamnagar Refinery, they will attack through Air, they will attack important locations in Eastern India. And so on. I want to ask what the hell is going on?

They are issuing the warning letters as if they are appreciation letters to the bureaucrats. By putting our forces and administration on high alert throughout the country, we are not only increasing the stress levels of them but the people as a whole. If nothing happens or fruitful comes out of this, the next time these reports will not be paid attention which may prove fatal. (heard the story of the boy who shouted bhediya aaya to tease people and then was caught one day without any help)

I am no expert in this field but this I know for sure that the intelligence agencies succeed in their duty and work only if they provide specific and accurate information, otherwise there is no difference between them and the Rumour Mongers. I think why not book them for spreading rumours, if their information is false, at least we will have some accountability, when all we know of them is they are the ‘khoofiya sootra/strot/agency’, ‘vishvasht sootra/strot’.

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