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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Nikhil Ji,

Sorry for bothering you again. I thought I had one more chance, I would write to you in English and if you find it useful you may help spreading the message for the national cause.

Like the whole nation I too was stirred by the blatant terror attack on Mumbai. I was very angry and started thinking about the solutions not only for Terrorism but bringing India to the top. One solution stood above all was that our Politics and Politicians were failing us. So the need for Political Reforms should be the topmost agenda of us, from political reforms would flow other reforms and we could have a strong, developed and united nation.

Naturally, present day political parties aren’t suitable as well as deaf for meeting these demands. They are happily playing the Musical chair of power aided by Corruption, Reservation and Religion. If the present process continues for another 10 years, I doubt that there will be any existence India as we see today, forget about the India of My Dreams.

People’s anger is at its highest this time but it is being expressed in the form of SMS, Candle Light Vigils, Posters, Banners and Pamphlets. I am not a votary of such tactics, though I used to do these earlier. Some more proactive citizens have started forming parties on the regional and local levels like that given in your report. I do not agree to this too, but I respect every persons fundamental right form association.

My main objection to local and regional parties is that eventually they lead to further fragmentation of our politics and delicately balanced governments that survive on whims and fancy (and corruption) of a local leader (e.g. Shibu Soren). In this context I would like to draw your attention to Jago Party.

Jago Party is essentially a party of citizens with non-political background, common people like you and me. It was formed with the major goals of eliminating reservation, tackling crime and terrorism with severest punishment (death sentence) and banishing corruption from India. The party devoted to bringing the activity of government to the basics and all other activities be divested or put under the private sector. The educational agenda of the party is free education for all in English medium in private schools. So is the aim of privatizing the Power Sector and Railways. Above all, the mission of Jago Party is to make India a very safe, strong and rich country.

Within 6 months, more than 2 lakh people have come forward to support the party. Sadly enough, the party is not well known in Madhya Pradesh especially in Bhopal. I think that becoming a part of a national party will channelize our efforts in one direction and bring fruitful results. Otherwise, though there may be changes at the surface nothing will change at the core of our nation. We are surrounded by enemies and are alone, if only all the Indians come together we can face the challenge. The politicians have developed vested interests in the system they will not gift us reforms, we have to snatch it from them and for that reason more and more people need to join politics so that politics does not stay the game of scoundrels.

If only people would know that work has already started and their help is absolutely needed then only we could expect a change of such magnitude. This is where you become the key element in the chain. I request you to make Bhopal aware of the Party and its goals and help the great cause.

Expecting the most from you in this work of nation building,
Latent Dissent.

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  1. Mr. Deepak Mittal, National President, Jago Party, while interacting with the media persons made the following statement at Chandigarh on December 6, 2008 ::

    "It is high time India gave up the out-dated & useless policy of Non-Alignment being followed by the central government and joined the powerful alliance of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries to fight terror.
    The more than half-century old Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is no longer relevant in the current world order. The world is no longer divided in two super-power political blocks. New questions being faced by the country require fresh answers. Old age solutions no longer work in face of new challenges. India should join NATO at the earliest to defeat the menace of cross-border terrorism once & for all. Once we are part of the strong NATO alliance, any attack on India will be considered an attack on NATO and all the member countries will reply with their combined might to fight the source of the attack.

    Terrorism is now a national crisis and we should all rise above petty politics to fight this threat to our country. This is not the time for idle emotional rhetoric, but for a long-term, strategic & methodic plan to fight the danger, followed by flawless execution of tangible, effective & time-bound action-plans on both the national & international fronts. We should not allow our anger to simply drain away or turn into pessimism. It is our duty to ensure that our righteous anger turns into positive action against terror to rid our country of this menace.
    We need to make concrete efforts not only on the international diplomatic front but also on the domestic front, identifying our weaknesses and rectifying our past mistakes in the fight against terror. Our present laws are insufficient to fight terror. Stronger and effective laws need to be put into place. The loopholes made visible during the atrocious attacks on Mumbai in the administration & intelligence structure need to be plugged on a priority basis. Better coordination is needed between state and central governments. A single, central & powerful federal agency needs to be created to fight terror. The administration, the officials, various government employees, the police and the public need to be trained to fight & respond to terror attacks. We, as a nation, need to go beyond candle-light marches to effectively uproot this menace.
    In this entire monstrous episode, the roles of National Security Advisor, Mr M K Narayan and Union Defence Minister Mr AK Anthony are also under question. Merely by forcing Mr Shivraj Patil & Mr Vilasrao Deshmukh to resign, the government & the Prime Minister cannot disown their responsibilities. This charade of resignations is simply insufficient and does not solve an iota of the basic problem of terrorism.

    Now, we need to focus on the strengthening of the weak-links of our system, create a comprehensive strategic plan, and then implement tangible & effective actions to ensure that we are able to fight any future terror attacks, and bring to justice, the perpetrators of Mumbai & other terror attacks.
    Speaking on the conception of the Jago Party, Sh Mittal said, “Jago is an upcoming national political party with an out-of-the-box radical vision, led by educated & competent individuals dedicated to working beyond petty political agendas for the common good of the Indian masses. We witnessed that all political parties, be they national or regional, were playing division politics based on caste and religion. They were silently endorsing corruption and criminalization in politics. Hence, gathering a national team of like-minded people, with the objective of providing Indian masses with a trustworthy and honest political option, we formed the Jago Party in August 2007. The national Election Commission registered Jago as a political party in January 2008.

    We entered the political arena, not because we like politics or with any intention of taking to politics as a profession. We dislike the current scenario in politics & the current political players, as much as any ordinary citizen, but it is clear to us that we cannot clean the system from the outside. We have to become a part of the system to effect a transformation from the inside. We consider corruption, crime and reservations to the biggest challenges that our society today faces. We are against any politicization on the basis of caste or religion. We will provide the voting public with dependable candidates who are honest and free from any taint of corruption or crime of any kind. Also professional politicians who have contested elections from other parties will never be considered as candidates.

    We consider schools and colleges to be the temples of modern India where the next generation will be formed and shaped. With quality education, we pledge to fight hunger, poverty and unemployment. We are against all hypocritical politicians. Many politicians voice disapproval against English education for the public and yet send their own wards to the costliest private English schools. We believe in the principals of truth, honesty & transparency and with these we will win the hearts of the public. We are highly delighted at the support that we have received all over the country, especially from the educated sects and we are confident that we will be successful in performing to the hopes of our supporters in the coming Lok Sabha Elections.

    Jago will further intensify the party’s massive Awareness Drive, where workers will campaign door-to-door educating masses to the party’s programmes against Terrorism, Reservations, Corruption, Crime, & Poverty all over the nation. ***

    Please visit the following link to see the news item ::


    PK Khurana


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