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Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Views on Jago Party’s Economic Vision.

The debate over Capitalism versus Socialism/Communism is not relevant now. More so on grounds of what happened in USA, Russia, Japan and China. The problem with this approach is that people start to take sides rather than being neutral or being on the side of India. Both are ways of looking at a thing, the exchange of goods and services in the society.

Disintegration of USSR not only symbolizes the failure of Socialism but also the dirty politics and tactics of USA. Using unjust means to reach the most just end cannot bring out good outcomes.

As for Japan, their army was completely destroyed by USA after World War II (I am no expert in history kindly pardon errors if any.) and it stands under constant watch of Uncle Sam till now. Can any Indian do business in such a situation, keeping their national pride at the hands of another country?

China, how can we follow its model? Following a policy ruthlessly is only good and favourable for the persons making it and implementing it, not for the public that has to follow the orders. What’s going on inside nobody knows, what's the extent of this ruthlessness no one knows.

Turning our eyes to the happenings in 2008, we saw big companies and banks of USA going bankrupt. Can we say that the Free Market is the best solution for our country? While I agree that Government should do what is does best, Govern but I still feel something goes missing in this discussion.

That missing part is ‘Ethics and Morals’. When a bank gives loan knowing that the person can’t pay it back just for a couple of percent interest, it is not only clear example of Unethical Business Practice but it also turns the notion of utility of Free Market at its head.

Moreover, there are some businessmen who actually solicit illegal activities as it brings more profit.

Also, the businesses’ prime concern is profit; it is very evident from Union Carbide’s behavior (it is a company from the doyen of Capitalism, USA) which caused Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Due to falling profits cost cutting measures were undertaken and the cost was cut from maintenance of plant that contains extremely toxic chemicals.

As to the statement, A few capitalists and businessmen have done more to help mankind live a more enjoyable life (indeed, most people would not even be alive today if it weren't for capitalists) than all humanitarians, social workers, and clergy men combined. If one considers human life a value, then they should regard capitalists as one of its greatest promoters.

I want to add that all capitalists, entrepreneurs and businessmen require a very stable, safe and strong state to function and if the motives are not clean, morals are low and ethics is missing we have a corrupt (failed and bankrupt) state as India was during License-Permit-Quota Raj. A businessman becomes the most dangerous enemy of another businessman.

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