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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


First let me ask you or rather myself, where does all our skepticism go in front our netas and ministers, we laugh on Laloo Yadav’s Buffoonry, knowing what he has done, what sort of people he has given tickets to, when we should be ashamed. Why we always quote rote-statements from media and the so-called experts, why we think more of criminals, less of victims, WHY I ASK WHY? However. . .

This argument will be put through numbered points as there are limited points:

  1. We had one of the best drafted Constitutions in this world, made under supervision and by people like Dr. Ambedkar, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Pt. Nehru, then why do we face current problems.

  1. The answer to it is, following the law in letter but not in spirit. The Spirit, The Soul is essential for a Law to achieve what it was meant to achieve, just like it is essential for human being to be alive.

  1. Then a reverse skepticism comes to my mind, when you follow a system and its provisions so closely that you can easily draft a perfect law, you are more in love with the system than against it. If you will change it all you efforts till now are ‘null and void’. The second related point is the most used excuse of our politicians, the bureaucrats have been in this system for many years they know all the loopholes, all the technicalities, what can we do if they fool us or we don’t achieve the goals. Okay Sir, your argument I for one accept. Just imagine why not we make a fresh start, neither you know the procedure nor do I, let the intentions be clear, let the goals be clear, let the targets be set, we will together deal with the technicalities, after all it’s OUR country, at least for once. There will be no excuses at least once.

  1. The last reason is that this obsession with drafting and perfect letters proved fatal during the recent Mumbai Terror Attacks. You might already know, the CP of Mumbai sent request for help to Navy, which refused to send MARCOS (Marine Commandos) just because it was not properly drafted and undersigned by an officer of right rank. Just think over it.

Even if you are unconvinced then please tell me how justice is done in your home, how duties are divided amongst the family members, how do you plan your year/month/week, are all these well drafted and placed in front of you, so that you are reminded daily. Now don’t say that you do all of these informally, without a well drafted code, if this is the case just think over this last one, tell me if a person who elects his government can survive without written code why can’t a nation.

Most of us don’t need laws to govern and guide our behavior in daily lives, our family values, our education, our conscience are enough. And those people for whom these laws are meant for are sitting in our Legislatures, Lok Sabha, Vidhaan Sabhas. JUST THINK OVER IT.

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