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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reply to the request made by Ajay Swain on youtube video Jago India 1.

Reply to the request made by Ajay Swain on youtube video Jago India 1.

Tabu, CM’s (Mule’s) daughter, is kidnapped by an extremist group that seeks freedom of its members from jails. The group’s leader is Sunil Shetty, son of a rich businessman (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) and the past love interest of Tabu.

The story then proceeds in flashbacks, how they met, what went inside their lives and their minds, how a school teacher rose through the corridors of power becoming the CM, the businessman’s obsession with his business and the extent to which he can go for profits. Then there is a basti, which is frequented by these two, how they meet Bhau (Patekar) and how he influences them.

Patekar through his political satire, his devotion to work for people selflessly makes him extremely popular, at first he acts as a messenger of people then gets fed up by the system and decides to contest the election. Mule’s political guru present CM Agashe convinces her to fight the elections as he knows he will lose. Angered by the defeat Mule gets Agashe killed with the help of Kharbanda, and grabs the CM’s post through sympathy. She also plans riots in Patekar’s village and gets him arrested and brutally tortured by the police, he loses all sense of reality when he comes out of jail.

The protagonists unite once again to deliver justice to all the innocent people who suffered by the deeds of their parents, they become suicide attackers and kill their parents in a public rally.

You may call the film mediocre, dragging, lengthy but I see something good in it. Eventhough the songs are not catchy they are true. Gulzar gets Patekar’s character say what a common man has to say on present day polity of India. The Corruption, Selfishness, Greed, Hunger of Power, Illegitimate Relations, The Conflict of being a corrupt person’s child, The Latent Dissent with such live all are seen in this movie. Although this idea has been shown in many other movies I see this movie connected to Rang De Basanti which I think is based on the films The Legend of Bhagat Singh (Ajay Devgan) and Hu Tu Tu (Nana Patekar).

So this is the story of Hu Tu Tu, as I remember, hope you like it.

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