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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

pl dont waste time..

This is what Shehlaji’s second email said, and in the first one she was (I think) angry with me for organizing an event randomly. Now I know why, she runs an event management company and my behaviour was like an insult to her profession, no proper planning, no advertising, just doing what you please to do, a highly undemocratic act. I apologize for this but the intention was to do something good.

But a question bothered me for the whole week. I was wondering why she responded when she could have ignored me, I was thinking what ‘pl dont waste time..’ meant, was it a warning to stop bothering her or was it an advise to stay out of the mess. Thinking this I visited her blog yesterday where I found these articles, (I am linking these articles without her permission):

1. Wake up ! thinking Indians.

2. My witness is the empty sky.

3. Justice required Madam President.

A corrupt bureaucrat is trying to ruin her business because she refused to pay him bribe. She has complained to various authorities even The President of India but to no avail. (I think.) I am too afraid to ask her about it, I know I can’t help her, she will be hurt more if I asked her about it.

I won’t bother her but won’t accept her advice too (of not wasting my time on this); I will keep trying, keep spreading the word that we need to change the system, that’s the least I can do for my country.

Latent Dissent.

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