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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Housekeeping: An Open letter to the Party President.

This is about The Jodhpur Rally held on 29th October 2008. To me the behaviour displayed by the Party members is irresponsible and unacceptable.

1. Use of Plaques on vehicles showing status (in red circle), how can we fight the people whom we are aping, this is happening before elections what will happen after it. To me the person is extremely hungry of power not reforms and awareness. (could have written VOTE FOR JAGO/ JOIN JAGO instead of mantri so and so, if you expect leniency from me.)

2. If you can see in the extreme left, triple riding on a motorcycle, what are we trying to tell to people, if you join us you can break the rules, risk your life along with others. Even if we find a law obsolete, we must respect and obey it till it is changed. (I don't know about the helmet law in Rajasthan so not commenting on it. )

Sir please make sure that such irresponsible and careless behaviour does not happen in the coming days. Even though smallest action is better than noblest intention, the intention is most important part of an act!
Latent Dissent.

[P.S. This is personal opinion about the event, please don't confuse it with the party's stance.]

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