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Thursday, December 4, 2008


The Terror Attacks on Mumbai stirred the whole nation, I am no exception. I feel a complex mix of emotions at this moment.

I am angered by the ease with which they have hit us. Then I am ashamed of electing such idiots who not only do nothing but abuse the martyrs’ sacrifices, their families what to talk of a common citizen.

Yet a corner of my mind tells me to lie low as this storm passes, for this is the standard tactic of terrorists to create an illusion of State being absent and also that people and the media will soon forget this too.

Even I am taking a sadistic pleasure on Tata’s misfortune as he cuts deals with governments, seeks tax relief and soft loans of the order of thousands of crores and then asks government to help him save his hotel with obsolete weapons and technology and without bulletproof jackets.

Still the question why I have to think on the issues that don’t directly concern me remains. The answer is not that easy, apart from above, the point that hits my mind most frequently is How can they hit, more so how can they hit Taj.

I think the attack was neither on Mumbai nor on India it was an attack on Indians and their dreams. Each and every one of us had for only once in their lives dreamt of enjoying a cup of Tea at Taj. When Taj is not safe, our dream is not safe and if our dream is not safe, all our toiling is waste.

So we have to act now before it is too late. I have asked questions to myself and tried to answer them. I agree I may be dogmatic but I have started.

At the moment this is my analysis of my condition, if I discover more I will certainly post it here.

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