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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Consider this scenario: there are two candidates for the last seat in a prestigious college. They both have scored same marks. How do you decide on to whom the seat is to be given. I guess your reply would be a flip of coin, the most fair of all the methods.

I say this is wrong. Truth is Relative. Consider this, candidate A is the son of a top bureaucrat, he has attended one of the most prestigious schools of India and has lived a life of comfort. Compare it with candidate B, daughter of a rickshaw puller, eldest in four sisters whose mother died in her early childhood. She worked hard throughout her life to make the lives of her sisters better. Now who would you allot the seat to. . .

The problem is not reservation; the problem is the intention behind it and the way it is implemented. We have so many experts in the field can’t we devise a model that really helps the needy and slams the greedy. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

I am skeptic about this because our prejudices take over us as soon as the crisis is over. Will the children of a rich man and a poor man study together in the same school or will we have different schools for different people only time will tell.

This education policy too misses the importance of Morals and Ethics in society. The schools are still teaching the problems of society but the students are either detached or at the most indifferent. Moral Science as a subject should be made compulsory with double marks than that of Mathematics. Without it the society has to cope with self-serving automatons.


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    Manish Jakhar

  2. Nobody can be punished for being the son of a bureacrat and for having enjoyed luxuries of life. He/she has to earn for himself and lead his own life, and care for his own family. Every person has the right to earn for himself and prosper and ones parentage cannot be used to discriminate, particularly by the State.

  3. FRIEND,
    Thanks for commenting.
    But I think I was not able to put across my point correctly, I didn't mean the luxuries of life but the number of choices that are available to you at the top than at the bottom of the economic ladder.
    I would have given the seat to the girl but your view is also coreect completely.


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