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Monday, December 22, 2008

Jago Party Bhopal Chapter (Inaugural) Blogger Symposium (2008) NOTICE

Feel for the nation,

Mumbai Attack hurt you,

Want to write about it,

Want to have your say in the Symposium,

Want to make your voice heard,

Go Ahead!

Write an article on any one of the following topics:

1. India of My Dreams.

2. Is Jago Party a better option than other political parties of India.

Just remember these simple entry rules:

1. Publish the entry on your blog and mail it to latent.dissent@gmail.com or pos

t the link on the symposium notice form on jagobhopal.blogspot.com

2. Send the entry directly to latent.dissent@gmail.com or jagobhopal@gmail.com along with your name.

3. The date of entry is from 22 december to 28 december 2008.


1. Vidhu.
2. Aadya.
3. Uday Kant Dixit.
4. Gurleen Kaur.
5. Ashish Menon.
6. Shehla Masood.
7. Rajey Sha.
8. Renu Sharma.
9. Amitabh Farogh.
10. S M Shukla.
11. Chaitanya Chandan.
12. D K Sachdeva.
13. R D Saxena.
14. Gaurav Bhatnagar. (Sorry buddy misspelled in the message!)
15. Proloy Bagchi.
16. Sharat Rajmohan Verma.
17. Ritesh Agrawal.

This is not an exhaustive list of the bloggers who have written on Mumbai Terror Attack, I know I might have missed many of you and your ideas, so kindly accept this as a personal invitation for participating in the Symposium.

Latent Dissent (who is Waiting for True Indians).


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