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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

‘Ek Aur Manjunath !’ (PWD Engineer murdered by an MLA in UP)

[26/12/2008: I just found out on NDTV that Mr. Gupta was an honest officer and he was being pressured to join the illegal activities of the contractors, other engineers and the MLA. So, the article and its title already are useless, but I am not deleting it because it was my first impression of the incident. If some more information comes out in the future I can add it here. Sorry All of You, Sorry Mr. Gupta.]


I was surfing the channels on TV when I noticed the title ‘Ek Aur Manjunath’ on Aaj Tak (desh ka sarvashrestha news channel), I went red with anger, this kind of cheap sensationalization of news has increased manifolds since the Mumbai Attack.

They report no background information of the case and for what he was murdered and they want to equate him with Manjunath. Watching ‘news’ has become a painful experience these days.

Well the case (as I found out here) is, Mr. Gupta was beaten to death by the BSP MLA Shekhar Tiwari and his associates for not giving donations for Behen Mayawati’s Birthday Bash. Mr. Gupta’s contribution came around Rupees Ten Lakh and the total amount to be collected for the birthday celebrations is about Rupees One Thousand Crore.(Arch rival politicians tend to speak truth against one another.)

First things first, was Mr. Gupta a corrupt person, because nobody will ask that much money from an honest (and therefore poor) person. We can’t compare this case with Manjunath’s who stood firmly against corruption.

The second thing is this might be start of yet another trend in Indian Politics if the MLA is not punished with a heavy hand. For till now we have seen politicians seeking donations only during elections, but donations for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and collection with such rigour ( it is plain extortion and murder to me) will certainly attract eyes of our politicians.

It has not started in Madhya Pradesh but glimpses of such criminal behaviour were seen in Professor Sabharwal’s Death/Murder case. Hooliganism, Chain-Snatching, Loots (one happened two days back, in broad daylight) are all on the rise in Bhopal, you can imagine the condition of ‘law & order’ in the inner areas.

The question is will the justice be done, but justice to whom. What if he was a corrupt man, what about the faulty roads, bridges, etc. that he constructed and passed as OK in his lifetime? Yesterday, 10 people died in Ashoknagar just because of negligence of MP State Electricity Board (who didn’t attend to the complaint in time, remember movie APARICHIT ) and the Bus Conductor (who allowed gas cylinders on the bus, allowed overloading), but who allowed the level of road to be increased without necessary precautions, is it also not an important question.

Isn’t the whole system at rot, rather than being at the top or bottom. Nobody makes a fuss about these lives, they are born like animals, and they die like one.

We all know most of the politicians are themselves or have their relatives as contractors, it is the taxpayers’ money that feeds these monsters, yet nobody wants to own the responsibility to clean the system. When asked to reform the system, join politics to clean it of such dirty elements, most people shut themselves.

We deserve it, this is the outcome of our karmas (or lack of it) and we have to bear with it. As for the media, if everything is rotting in this country, why make a fuss about the foul smell coming from media. Everything is going as per plan Kalki Avataar will come save us all very soon, lets contribute to the rot so that it happens soon. Our slogan from now on is:




  1. How dare you to say him a corrupt person, when you don't know the details?

  2. I HAVE WRITTEN THIS:was Mr. Gupta a corrupt person
    And by that standards, why don't you criticize the media especially AAJ TAK for using name of Manjunath without any reference and context. Go ahead write to them too.

    Why are you getting so emotional is it the first time you have seen this, open your eyes you will see the reality, WAKE UP BUDDY!

    will you do something for our country, WHY DON'T YOU DARE TO CHANGE THIS COUNTRY.

    or do you believe in:

    JAI HIND !

  3. India is not a Communist State. Here we have a free press. So the press has all the right to cover any news transparently.

  4. Anshuman,
    Buddy, Free Press doesn't mean you can do anything, report anything, unnecessarily sensationalize any news item, relate two unrelated events. That's plain misuse of the freedom.
    I know you will say change the channel but I deliberately watch hindi news channels because they generate and feed prejudices.
    Did you see Mayawati's press conference yesterday, I think the most important question she asked from a reporter was, DO YOU HAVE THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING & ASKING.
    Why don't they report the evidences in just 15 seconds but they like to sensationalize news and lead the CRUSADE till it is SELLABLE.
    Sorry buddy I don't agree with you on this. One must behave responsibly, more so in a democracy. Why don't we want to own the responsibilities?
    Latent Dissent.


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